Be a Part of the CISuccess

Help kids in your community build better lives…


Communities In Schools offers an individualized approach to help children overcome roadblocks – opening doors that would otherwise be un-achievable or unimaginable.
~Phyllis Campbell, CEO (former) Seattle Foundation


Here are some ways you can help create a community of support.

  • Tutor a student in reading or math
  • Become a mentor to a student
  • Provide internship opportunities to expose students to career options
  • Donate gift certificates, tickets, or movies passes as incentives for students
  • Make a tax-deductible donation


Evelyn Hernandez
Past CIS Student, Past Site Coordinator, CIS Greater Wichita Falls Area Alumni 

Evelyn Hernandez was a Communities In Schools, Greater Wichita Falls Area student when she was in high school at Hirschi High school. Her site coordinator was our now Executive Director, Toni Alonzo. She loved CIS so much that she went on from high school to get her degree in Social Work so that she could one day be a Site Coordinator for CIS and help students just as she had been helped. Communities In Schools is proud to have been such an influence in her life and to have her as our Site Coordinator at Kirby Middle School.

“In high school I was not a good student and made some bad choices. Back then Toni Alonzo was a Site Coordinator and was the one who worked with me. I met Ms. Alonzo my junior year and I remember her telling me that I need to do something to get involved in school. By my senior year, I had become class president and while that was something that I did, it was Ms. Alonzo behind me motivating me that truly helped me to make that change. She was the person that educated me on going to college. I remember asking her what it was that she did and telling her that I wanted to grow up to be like her and help kids the way that she helped me. My family is more about working than education so I didn’t know the process of getting to college or how college worked, except for what Ms. Alonzo taught me. Now, I want to be that help for the students in guiding them in the way to go. I can see myself in a lot of these students and as a site coordinator I want to show them that there is a way to make a change and to have a future where they can make a difference. I would never have been able to do this without Communities In Schools in my life. It has truly shaped the person that I have become.“